Role reversal workshop and New Year’s Eve plans!

Azucar! News – Week of November 25

Role-reversal workshop
They say, ‘don’t judge anyone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes’ – and that’s what this workshop is all about! We won’t make you switch shoes, but we will give you a chance to reverse roles – ladies will learn to lead, and guys will become followers. Join us here.

Join us for SalsaGlam in Montreal!
SalsaGlam is Montreal’s New Year’s Eve salsa celebration, including a workshop, shows, a midnight toast, and of course lots of social dancing! Let’s make it an Azucar! party – email us at and let us know whether you’d like to join us!


We’re organizing a school trip to next year’s Montreal congress! If you haven’t checked out a salsa congress before, we highly encourage you to go. Get your tickets, and email us at to let us know, so we can include you in our Montreal Salsa Convention mailing list!

Connect with us!
On Twitter: @AzucarOttawa
On Instagram: @AzucarOttawa
On Facebook: /AzucarOttawa

smakk logoAzúcar! gift cards available on!
Give your loved ones the gift of dance – send them an Azúcar! gift card from Click, order, and have the card send directly to them, electronically or by mail!

Salsa a la carte Banner
This week’s events
For a list of other socials happening this week, check out Salsa à la carte.


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