Late registrations, and salsa congress news!

Azucar! News – Week of September 23

Our first week of Fall 2013 classes is behind us, and we’re so happy to be reunited with all our lovely return students, as well as to meet all our new ones! We are still taking registrations this week, so click on the image below to see the schedule. Then, email us at to register for a class.

fall web banner

We’re still recovering from a very eventful summer (and start of fall!), so this is a light news week, however we are planning a few more events between now and the end of the year, so check back soon!

We’re also planning on taking as many of you as possible to Montreal next year! Read on.

Let’s go to the 2014 Montreal Salsa Convention!
Every May, Montreal hosts a salsa festival called the Montreal Salsa Convention. It is a celebration of salsa that brings together dancers from around the world, with great dance workshops, dance shows every night, and amazing social dance parties.

We’re organizing a school trip to next year’s Montreal congress! If you haven’t checked out a salsa congress before, we highly encourage you to go. We’re starting to plan this early, because early bird ticket sales end on September 30th. So check out the link above, get your tickets, and email us at to let us know, so we can include you in our Montreal Salsa Convention mailing list!

Connect with us!
On Twitter: @AzucarOttawa
On Instagram: @AzucarOttawa
On Facebook: /AzucarOttawa

smakk logoAzúcar! gift cards available on!
Give your loved ones the gift of dance – send them an Azúcar! gift card from Click, order, and have the card send directly to them, electronically or by mail!

This week’s events
For a list of other socials happening this week, check out Salsa à la carte.


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