You Might be a Salsero/Salsera If:

  1. Salsa parties are your main social outings, and life is planned around them.
  2. Your salsa friends outnumber your non-salsa friends.
  3. You are personally responsible for at least 5 people in your life becoming dancers.
  4. Your dance shoes ARE your normal shoes, and get infinitely more care than your street shoes.
  5. You have salsa music on your phone, iPod/mp3 player, in your car, on your computer, and on your radio presets.
  6. Your non-salsa friends are sick and tired or you steering every conversation towards salsa.
  7. You know the meaning of, and have strong opinions about all of these things: dancing on1/on2, backleading, NY/LA/Cuban/Colombian styles, spotting, 2-3 and 3-2 clave, the proper length of a salsa song, salsa etiquette, and more!
  8. You have at least one dance idol that makes you go all foam-at-the-mouth fanboy/fangirl.
  9. You have at least one salsa-themed t-shirt, and know what it means to dance-test a piece of clothing.
  10. You know the approximate dates of all salsa congresses in your country, and select international ones as well.
  11. You have been known to dance in your office, in an elevator, in your office washroom or hallway, in line at the bank, walking down the street, waiting for the bus, in the shower, doing the dishes and while vacuuming.
  12. You could add to this list – and will do it in the comments!



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