Fall classes and milestones

Azucar! News – Week of September 2

We’ve had a couple weeks’ break, and we’re gearing up to get back into the studio! We start  with a couple of back-to-school workshops this Wednesday! Then, come celebrate our one-year anniversary on September 15th before starting regular classes again on September 16th! Here are the details.

Sept 4 bannerBack-to-school Workshops – September 4
Before our school officially opens on September 16th, we will be holding a series of workshops designed to make you look sharper and bolder on the dance floor! Master your double spins (6:30-7:30pm) and learn some hot dips and tricks (7:30-8:30pm). Want to join our Salsa: Intermediate 2 class starting September 16? This class will require individual assessment, so we’re holding informal “tryouts” to see whether you’re ready for its rigors. Come by at 8:30pm for a free assessment! For more details, check out the Facebook event!

Anniversary web banner
Azucar! Anniversary Party – September 15
It has been a year full of loving instructors, hard working students, and of course, lots of music and dancing. We have formed a wonderful community of dancers who support each other, and we have made Ottawa an even more wonderful city to dance in! Come celebrate with us – for more details, check out the Facebook event.

fall web banner
Fall Classes start September 16
Our new class schedule is now available, and registration is open! You can find the schedule on our web site. You can also see our September schedule at a glance here.

Connect with us!
On Twitter: @AzucarOttawa
On Instagram: @AzucarOttawa
On Facebook: /AzucarOttawa

smakk logoAzúcar! gift cards available on SMAKK.ca!
Give your loved ones the gift of dance – send them an Azúcar! gift card from SMAKK.ca. Click, order, and have the card send directly to them, electronically or by mail!

This week’s events
For a list of other socials happening this week, check out Salsa à la carte.


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