Azucar! News – Week of July 29

Monday is news day on the Azúcar! Blog! Read on.

Our regular summer session is 2 weeks from its end, but Emilie Phaneuf’s classes are continuing to the end of August! And to make sure you don’t miss a beat when we come back in September, we will be holding a brand new class and a few one-time workshops during our time “off”, so make sure you watch our Facebook page for all the details! And, as always, we’ll have a full update for you on here next Monday as well.

In the meantime, we hope to see you at City Hall every Wednesday!!

OSCH bannerSalsa at City Hall continues!
Last week, we were finally able to party it up outdoors on the Rink of Dreams, and it was one great party! This week, the weather seems to be in our favour once again, so it’s time for another outdoor bash! Churun Meru, a Venezuelan folkloric dance group is going to teach a salsa workshop, DJs Humberto and Patrick are providing the music, and there will be yummy snacks from Royi Fruta Bar and Mr. Churritos! Bonus: Churun Meru will be performing traditional Venezuelan dances, and singer Alvaro Arenas will provide some live SALSA music!! Like the event’s Facebook page for all the details!

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smakk logoAzúcar! gift cards available on!
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This week’s events
For a list of other socials happening this week, check out Salsa à la carte.


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