You’ve Had a Bad Dance Day

Whether it comes to life, hair or dancing, we all have good days and bad days. On the good days, you feel on top of the world and can do no wrong. On the bad days, you’re all “damn, I used to own this, what happened?”

I’m here to tell you that the bad days do happen, and they do suck, but ultimately, it’s all going to be ok.

Why do we have bad dance days?
Dancing involves a complex concoction of physical and emotional factors, so any number of things can lead to a sucky dance day: being tired or stressed (or more stressed than usual) can make you lose a bit of coordination, so you might end up feeling sluggish and movements might not flow as easily. Maybe the music is failing to inspire you or you can’t connect with your partner, so even if physically you’re doing fine, the emotional bits that make dancing fun and take you to that next level just aren’t there today. Maybe you’re preoccupied and can’t focus, or maybe there’s an annoying din coming from the speakers that doesn’t seem to bother anyone else but it drives you crazy (ok, that one could just be in my head).

Whatever the reason, bad days happen, and when they do, there’s often little we can do to prevent them or to make them un-happen. But we can learn to work through them, and here’s how!

What to do about a bad dance day
I’m not sure bad days can be completely turned around (I have yet to have a bad-day-turned-awesome-by-singing-a-sad-song), but there are ways to prevent it from turning into a bad week. Here are my tips:

  1. Acknowledge bad dance days when they happen
    Know that you haven’t lost your ability to dance, you haven’t regressed, and you haven’t suddenly grown a second left foot. Bonus points if you can pinpoint where it’s coming from – “I had an awkward encounter with a former friend and now I can’t seem to do anything right”, or “this song makes me want to hurt the DJs”, or “my foot hurts” or whatever is impairing your dance ability that day.
  2. Don’t beat yourself up
    Dwelling on “man, I suck today” won’t help. If the trouble is something you can help, pinpoint one thing you could do differently to have a better day tomorrow, whether it’s getting an extra hour of sleep or wearing more comfortable shoes or taking a yoga class to loosen up your hip flexors. Then do something about it
  3. Stay closer to your comfort zone
    We don’t usually advocate staying in your comfort zone; however, a bad dance day when you’re already not feeling confident in your dancing is not the time to take on a new dance challenge. Get your practice in, but don’t add new moves. If you’re out dancing, stick to partners you’re comfortable with. That said, a bad day is not an excuse to not try. Always do your best, just know your limits and know that it will get better tomorrow!

Have you had a bad dance day (lately or ever)? How did you deal with it? Let us know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “You’ve Had a Bad Dance Day

  1. Yup…I’ve been there. I especially like your advice to stay in your comfort zone on those “off” days. Sage advice. I also tend to sit out songs that are really fast on days like this. This is especially so if I’m injured or a bit sore for whatever reason.

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