The Ultimate Guide to Dance Shoes

It’s been a while since our series on dance shoes, and we’ve had more questions lately about where to buy and how to care for dance shoes. So we’ve dug through our archives to bring you this ultimate guide to dance footwear! Here are our 10 best posts about shoes.

dance shoe shopping

For the love of Shoes – Girls’ guide to dance footwear
The ins and outs of ladies’ dance shoes – what they are, how to pick the right ones, and where to get them.

Ana’s Dance Shoe Tips: Dance Shoe Straps
A more in-depth look at dance shoe straps and how they affect the fit and stability of your shoes.

Buy shoes like a man – Guys’ guide to dance footwear
A dance shoe guide for the guys. Not that men need instructions to buy shoes (or for anything), of course!

If the Shoe fits – A checklist
A checklist to take with you when you hit the shops.

In your Shoe bag – Dance shoe accessories
What else to check out while you’re at a dance store.

Shoe shopping – Where to get dance shoes in Ottawa
A quick review of the 3 main places to buy dance shoes in Ottawa

caring for shoes

Stretching too-tight dance shoes
Stretch your shoes to fit you, without damaging your new shoes!

Quick Tip about dance shoe buckles
Make your life easier with a buckle-and-clip style of buckle.

How to use a suede brush
Keep your suede soles in great shape by brushing them regularly.

Caring for aging dance shoes
Because we love our shoes even when they’re old and worn, here’s how to keep them from getting icky.

Do you have a dance shoe question? Leave it below and we’ll write a post about it!


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