Azucar! Latin Dance Company is hiring! … Sort of

by Ana Gherasim

It’s been 7 months since our opening, and I’ve loved every day of it – from teaching and promoting the school, to cleaning up after events and filing our taxes (ok, maybe I’d rather mop than do our taxes, but still). But running a dance studio comes with its share of paperwork, legwork, and all sorts of other kinds of work, and all of it is a bit much for one person (me) to do, so we’re hiring. Sort of.

Internship Opportunity

I’m looking for someone who can commit around 8 hours per week (some weekday/daytime availability would be preferable) between May 6 and August 11, to help me run and promote the school. Duties might range from the mundane (data entry, filing, helping with registration) to the more exciting (event planning, expanding our social media presence, writing articles for this blog…), depending on the person’s skills & interests, and on the demands of the day.

In exchange, you get free access to any and all group classes we run over that period, as well as 1-2 hours of private dance instruction (with me) per week over that same period.

No dance experience required! This would be a great opportunity for a student or anyone interested in learning Latin dance (or in improving quickly!) and willing to help a young entrepreneur out!

How to Apply

Email me at ana@azucarottawa com and tell me:

  1. A little about yourself
  2. Why you’re interested in being our intern
  3. What you’re awesome at that you could help me with
  4. What you’d like to learn in exchange
  5. What your availability is like for May-August

If this works out, I’d love to have an ongoing internship program with a new helper for every session, so if summer doesn’t work for you, check back in August!


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