Artist feature: N’Klabe


For this month’s salsa artist feature, I am jumping into the more modern side of things. N’Klabe is a Puerto Rican salsa band that started in 2003; a relatively young group when compared to many other salsa bands. N’Klabe quickly gained popularity in the Latin world for its members’ boyband-ish good looks, and the group’s almost chameleon-like ability to adapt to multiple styles of salsa. N’Klabe’s repertoire covers the entire salsa spectrum, ranging from classic salsa covers, to hard and fast salsa, to salsa romantica, to a fusion of pop and salsa music. Here are a few examples of their work:

N’Klabe – La Murga
A cover of a classic


N’Klabe – I love salsa
An extremely popular salsa song often played at salsa socials, great at whipping a crowd into a dance frenzy.


N’Klabe – A Puro Dolor
One of Jeff’s favorite romantic salsa songs (he has many)


N’Klabe – Mi Vida Eres Tu
A nice romantic pop salsa.


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