Teacher poll: As a teacher, what have your students taught you?

As teachers, we learn as much from our students as you do from us. We’re always in awe of the lessons we learn from being in class, be it about different learning styles or even about ourselves. This week we asked our teachers to share the biggest lesson they learned, from teaching dance:

My biggest lesson is that everyone learns differently, so it is important for me to know how to approach a subject (for example, inside traveling turn) from many different perspectives; to be able to break things down, and to pass on knowledge in ways that can be received properly. Not only will this help the students learn faster, it makes me a better teacher, and definitely a dancer as well!

During the short time I’ve been teaching, I’ve learned that I really have to pay attention to the little details in my dancing.  Since I’m the example my students are following, I want to make sure that I weed out as many bad habits as I can in my own dancing.  This higher level of awareness also adds to what I can offer students during classes in terms of technique.


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