Teacher poll: If you could instantly learn another dance style right now, what would it be?

Once you start dancing, it’s hard to stick to one style or dance, and the more you experience different dances, the more you’re tempted to broaden your range – and teachers are no different. This week, we asked our teachers what dance they’d love to be able to dance right now. Here are the answers:

Argentine tango. I did two courses in Toronto and loved it. So sexy and powerful. Anyone who has seen me dance will probably notice how much I use tango styling.

For me it would be contemporary dance.  I’ve always wanted to learn this style, and the grace and athleticism required to master this form of dance is just amazing.

West Coast Swing is my current fixation. I love how smooth, cool and effortless it can look, the wide variety of music it can be danced to, and that it emphasizes personal expression quite a lot, for a partner dance. In fact, I’m not sure I’d want to learn it instantly, because the process of exploring and discovering it gradually seems like a lot of fun to me!

I’ve always wanted to learn hip hop, being so varied and stylish, and as an outside observer, it feels so free. The improvisations seem to be limitless, and it all comes down to the attitude you bring to the moves, rather than something that is defined by a rule book. I can dig it.


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