Salsa in Asia

As we never tire of telling everyone who would listen, Latin dances are a universal language. You can dance salsa in almost any major city in the world, and instantly connect with a society of dancers that share your passion.

Since this is the start of a new Lunar New Year, this week I thought we’d talk about salsa in Asia. Although salsa in Asia is a relatively recent development, it is a fast-growing phenomenon, with Latin clubs, schools and congresses springing up more and more, and Latin dancing becoming increasingly mainstream.

While doing a bit of light research, I came across this article, by a human rights advocate in the Philippines who discovered and fell in love with salsa. The main thing I took from her article is that salseros in Manila, Bangkok, Singapore or Hong Kong learn, dance and connect with others the same way North American dancers do. Which goes back to my point about dancing being a universal language. Isn’t it great when the Internet proves you right?

A bit more research taught me that salsa thrives in Asia in all its forms, from L.A./On1 and NY/On2, to casino rueda, guaguanco and Colombian styles. And, as always, there are schools, events and DJs promoting each one and drawing grumbles from those with different preferences. But overall, they all manage to coexist peacefully.

If you’re curious about where to go dancing in Asia (or if you’re planning a trip and need to schedule your next salsa fix!), check out The menu on the right holds a wealth of information.

Finally, salsa congresses have also become increasingly popular in Asia; this page gives you a handy guide to all the major Asian salsa happenings over the next year or so.


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