Dancer feature: Debbie and Tarek of African Jet

This week, we’re departing a bit from our usual Music, Culture & History theme, mainly to let Ana gush, in proper fangirl fashion, about soon getting to meet some of her favourite dancers.

If you’ve been around me in the past couple of weeks, and anyone mentioned Salsafair at any point, you probably heard me mention African Jet. Or you might have noticed the high-pitched squee typical of Justin Bieber fans that I emitted after mentioning African Jet (eeee!).

African Jet is an Italian dance troupe started by Tarek and Hicham Benouara in 2006. And which mixes “a sprinkling of Africa” into Latin dance. I’ve already shared my favourite of their choreographies on this blog, but here it is again: “The New Generation” (2011), by African Jet.

I love the creativity of this routine and its seamless transition from cha-cha to salsa to hip hop and house inspired movements – and that last lift is impossibly cool.

Apart from the full troupe shows, Tarek and his partner, Debbie Inskip, have some cool choreos of their own. Here is their 2011 show:

So, is it any wonder that, when I found out Tarek and Debbie are coming to this year’s Salsafair, I jumped at the chance to see them live?

This will be their first time in Canada, and they will be both performing and teaching a workshop. I don’t have any more details yet, but that’s reason enough for me to get my tickets.

Who’s your dance inspiration at the moment? Leave it below, we always love finding new dancers to admire!


One thought on “Dancer feature: Debbie and Tarek of African Jet

  1. For dancehall, two choreographers float my boat… A NI Mal, and Queensy. They dance together to Gyptian’s I Like It, and Queensy dances with her group, Blazin’, to Alaine’s All or Nothing

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