Teacher poll: Favourite bachata song of the moment?

I feel like we’ve been talking about bachata a lot recently: we introduced our Beginner Bachata class this semester, we’ve talked about the origins of bachata on this blog, and we’re planning a big bachata-centric bash on February 10th. So with all of this bachata going on, we asked our teachers for their favourite bachata songs. Here are their picks:

Emilie will always LOVE Bachata en Fukuoka by Juan Luis Guerra.

Darnell’s pick was Las Cosas Pequeñas by Prince Royce.  Not only is it a great song, but he says the lyrics really speak to him as well.

Jeff’s current favourite is Playa Fa Sho’ by Toby Love. A bit of a different bachata style.

Ana had a tough time deciding between Te Extrano by Xtreme, and Contra el mundo by Bachata Heightz, so… here are both of them!

Te Extrano, by Xtreme

Contra il mundo, by Bachata Heightz

What are your current favourites? Share them in a comment below!


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