Azúcar! News – Week of January 21

Monday is news day on the Azúcar! Blog. Here are your latest school updates and news from around the Ottawa salsa scene.

Our new class session started last week, and classes are continuing this week as scheduled. We are still taking registrations for our Intro to Salsa classes as well as Emilie’s special workshops, so check out our schedule and drop us a line at if you’re interested!

Intermediate 1 class times
Some of you told us that the Intermediate 1 class time on Mondays doesn’t work for you, and would prefer a weekend session instead. Starting on February 2, the Monday Intermediate 1 class (6-7pm) will be moved to Saturdays, from 1 to 2pm. We will still hold today’s class, and will be there on January 28 to make sure we catch anyone who didn’t get the message in time, however starting February 4, there will no longer be Intermediate 1 classes on Mondays.

There is no change to the Wednesday (8-9pm) Intermediate 1 classes. They are continuing as scheduled.

If you have any questions about this change, or you’d like us to keep the Monday class, let us know at or on our facebook page.

This week’s events
Our free studio socials are continuing, every Monday (8:00-10:30pm) and Wednesday (9-10:30pm). Free, and open to all!

Rahim’s Latin Friday is back, with new floors. Brand new laminate floors are quite slippery, so bring your grippier shoes – and make sure you read our article on dancing on fast floors!

Want more? For a list of other socials happening this week, check out Salsa à la carte.


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