Friday Funny and Quick Tip about dance shoe buckles

I was trying to think up a Quick Tip article to post today, and browsing our blog stats to see what people tend to find useful. Turns out, lots of people come to this blog via search engines; most of them are looking for dance shoe advice or information about salsa dancing, which is cool. But there are also a few search terms that gave me a chuckle, so, of course, I’m sharing!

Over the past few months, people have come to our site while searching for:

  • salsa music during ‘sex
    Don’t get me wrong, we love salsa music, but I’m not sure we’d take it into the bedroom. (That’s what zouk is for.)
  • eleven dancing kittens
    I can only guess that this person has a very specific choreography in mind, and ten dancing kittens just won’t do!
  • introvert salsa
    … very different from extrovert salsa, I presume.


On to business.

We went shoe-shopping recently, and a couple of our students tried on shoes and were first confused, then annoyed, then fell in love with a type of strap clasp that’s unique to dance shoes (as far as I know).

buckleIt’s an adjustable buckle that stays on the strap at all times, and fastens by slipping the strap into a clip. That means you only need to adjust the length of the strap once, after which it will only take you seconds to put on and take off your shoes – instead of wasting a precious minute buckling and unbuckling your straps.

Seems silly at first, but once you’re used to it, regular buckles become utterly irritating.

Now, for the awesome part. What if I said you could turn any pair of dance shoes with a regular buckle into a buckle-and-clip style? Well, you can.

How? By clicking here, buying a buckle-and-hook set, ripping the seam in the strap that holds the buckle, replacing your old buckle with the hook, sewing the seam back up, then putting the new buckle (or even the old buckle, if you’re feeling nostalgic) on your strap and adjusting it to the right hole. Voilà!

Note: if you’re not terribly confident sewing through leather, take your shoes and the hook to a shoe repair shop you trust and have them do the switch for you.


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