Teacher poll: What’s your dance resolution for 2013?

This week, we asked our teachers about their 2013 dance resolutions/plans/hopes. Here’s what they had to say:

One thing I’m hoping to accomplish for 2013 is to create (or co-create) my first choreographed routine. There are some concepts in my head, but translating that into an actual routine is proving to be quite the challenge!

I’ll be focusing on my posture, mainly keeping my head up. Aside from that, I’m also going to concentrate on musicality and flow. I’ve been getting caught up in trying to perfect patterns as opposed to enjoying and dancing to the music.

My resolution for this year is to STOP SLOUCHING, because it is really affecting how I look when I dance. Also, learning a few new combinations is never a bad thing!

If I have to pick just one thing off my mile-long list of “things to improve on”, I’d say I want to expand my range in terms of styling. I’d like to explore different styles of dance and see what they can bring to my salsa styling. Also: social dance more!

What are your dance goals for this year?


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