Shoe shopping in Montreal!

Hello, fellow dancers and dance shoe lovers!

Back before the holidays, we promised you a shoe shopping trip early in the New Year. We were going to keep it local, but we got word that Shine Dancewear’s Montreal store is having a Boxing Sale this Saturday – so we’re making a day trip out of it!

Want to get yourself a stylish new pair of shoes at a great price? Email us at or leave us a comment on our Facebook page ASAP, and we’ll send you the details of the trip. We’ll be carpooling, so if you’re looking for a ride or offering a ride, let us know as well.

Want to brush up on what to look for in a dance shoe, how to shop smart, and what else to look for while you’re at the store? Check out the links below!

  1. Ladies’ Guide to Dance Shoes
  2. Men’s Guide to Dance Shoes
  3. Shoe-Shopping Checklist
  4. Dance Shoe Accessories

Can’t make it to Montreal this Saturday? Not to worry – we’ll have a local shoe-shopping outing soon!


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