Teacher poll: Salsa versions of Christmas songs – yay or nay?

This week, we asked our resident DJs to share their thoughts on the salsa/cha cha/bachata versions of popular Christmas songs. Here’s what they had to say:

Jeff – While I have found some good salsa adaptations for other holiday songs (Auld Lang Syne by Salsa Celtica for example; a wonderful mix of a traditional Scottish folk song with extremely upbeat salsa dura, to celebrate the New Year), I’ve yet to find a good salsa cover for the Christmas season…
There are quite a few Christmas albums by salsa clasica bands; unfortunately, most of them make my skin crawl, for the wrong reasons.

Darnell – The bachata version of Feliz Navidad is a big nay – it ruins the intended mood of a bachata!
On the other hand, I was recently pleasantly surprised hearing this Latin rendition of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Florence K.  (Adding to my collection!)


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