Artist of the Month – Salsa Celtica

Taking a break from introducing some of the classic salsa legends, I would like to dedicate this month to one of my more unusual favorites – Salsa Celtica. You read this correctly, a Scottish salsa band.

The band had its start in 1995, in the Scottish jazz and folk scenes; after becoming entranced by the allure of Latin music, they traveled to Cuba to be immersed in Latin music and culture. When they returned, they started creating some of the most amazing salsa fusions that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. Check out one of my favorite songs from their repertoire, Pa’l Rumberos:

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought, “hey, you know what’d make this salsa song even better? Let’s add a fiddle!”, but it really, really works! Who’da thunk it!?

Here are a few other examples of their music. Ana is a huge fan of their cha cha’s:

Salsa Celtica – Espernanza

Here is their take on Cumbia (if you don’t know what Cumbia is, check out this post!)

Salsa Celtica – Cumbia Celtica

Finally, in an early celebration of the New Year, here is a Scottish New Year’s favorite.

Salsa Celtica – Auld Lang Syne


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