Teacher poll: What was your proudest moment as a dancer?

This week, we asked our teachers to tell us about their proudest dance moment. Without fail, all responses were related to one moment when something clicked and all of a sudden we just seemed to “get it”. I think we all had that moment, when we each went from struggling to string moves together and still stay on beat, to feeling confident in our dancing and just having fun.

Here are two of the answers:

Janusz: The most memorable moment that I can think of was while dancing at Rahim’s. It was the first time I stopped stressing about the footwork and actually started having fun with the music. Ever since I’ve realized that it’s not the complexity of the moves that makes dancing fun but simply enjoying the music and working with what you’re comfortable with!

Jeff: This happened to me a few years ago, when I was a student in Vancouver. I’d only taken salsa lessons for about a year, and I wasn’t at all confident in what I was doing.  On a summer night with nothing to do (oh those were the days), I decided to check out a local salsa club that I’d never been to before. The night started like most others, but for some reason everything just clicked for me during the dances; the patterns seem to materialize by themselves, linking up without me having to think about them. I didn’t have to consciously count out the beats in order to do my basic, it just… happened. One girl after another finished their dances with smiles on their faces, with people on the sidelines giving me the same look I give to amazing dancers that I look up to. The blur only settled around 4am, when I was leaving the club, realizing that I finally “got it”. That feeling of finally figuring out what salsa is about remains my proudest moment as a salsa dancer.

If you’ve had your “got it” moment, tell us about it in the comments!


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