Teacher poll – What salsa dancer or dance troupe do you admire?

This week, we asked our teachers to share their dance inspiration – either a favourite dancer or a troupe that has us in awe and gives us new dance energy. Here are their answers.

Ali – For pure salsa love it has to be Eddie Torres, the mambo king. The energy and pure joy he gives when dancing and teaching is unbelievable! There is a reason he is considered to be one of, if not THE greatest salsa dance icon.

For ladies styling it’s a toss-up between Karel Flores of Yamulee or Dotty Ujszaszi. Karel manages to find the perfect balance of graceful and smoking hot. Her arm styling is also insane! Dotty uses her jazz/contemporary training which speaks to my personal background as a dancer. (And her workshops are SO much FUN!!!!!).

Finally for pure enjoyment of a performance you can’t beat Italy’s Grupo Alafia!!! Ladies watch the James Brown routine below, you’ll know see what I’m talking about!!!! (And Gentlemen, they are the reason you need to learn how to style.)

Darnell – There are a lot of amazing international artists to choose from, but there’s one dancer closer to home who I admire – Carlos of Dance Alejandro.  His workshops and performances are always a lot of fun – both in atmosphere as well as styling.  I find myself drawn to his on-stage presence, as I think you can see the pure joy of dance in his execution of his routines.

Janusz – The two dancers that I’ve been following on YouTube recently are Oliver Pineda and the other is “Super Mario”. I like Oliver’s elegant and smooth style and Super Mario’s effortless leading technique.

Oliver Pineda & Alien Ramirez

Super Mario

Ana – The tough part about being the last one to contribute is that so many great dancers have already been named, and I’d look pretty silly just writing “I agree with everything Ali said.” So I would add Tarek Benouara and Debbie Inskip of African Jet (another Italian group!). I love their energy, and their New Generation routine has been stuck in my head for the past year or so. I’d love to see more from them (guys, update your web site!), but it looks like they stick mainly within Europe.

Do you have a question for our teachers? Leave it below!


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