Teacher poll – What’s your favourite song of the moment?

This week, we asked our teachers to share their favourite Latin song of the moment, and got an overwhelming response! Without further ado, here’s a dozen songs that have been stuck in our teacher’s heads:

Darnell’s pick was “Love” by Isaac Delgado. Fantastic version of a well-known song!

Emilie has a favourite song for every genre, so here’s a short playlist to get you started:

Salsa: Lady by Orquesta la Palabra

Bachata: Bachata en Fukuoka by Juan Luis Guerra

Merengue: Kulikitaka by Toño Rosario

Reggaeton: Ponme To Eso Palante by El Chuape

Jeff’s picks for this week are a classic salsa song (taking a break from his beloved salsa romantica) and a much more modern hip hop merengue.

Salsa: Bueno y pico by Wuelfo

Merengue: El Tiburon by Proyecto Uno

Conversation between Ana and Jeff after Ana went through half her music collection while Ana was trying to pick a favourite salsa song:
Ana: I don’t know what to pick for my favourite salsa song.
Jeff: Oh my friggin’ god, just pick a song.
Ana: But I kind of want to show how salsa can be adapted to different genres, and…
Jeff: Just pick something you like listening to!
Ana: I like listening to all of them, that is the point.
Jeff: You suck at this game.
Ana: … this is going on the blog.

After much debate, Ana’s pick for this week is La verdad by Bio Ritmo. Loving their unique style. Also: Jeff said I couldn’t have more than one, or something by La 33 would definitely be on here.

La verdad by Bio Ritmo

Janusz has two favorite salsa songs at the moment: La Llave by Grupo Latin Vibe and La La La by the Direct Latin Influence. They are jazzy, have just the right tempo and contain lots of funky breaks so they’re fun to dance to! As for bachata, he picked Vocales de Amor by Joan Soriano – especially Dominican style bachata, Vocales de Amor has a very nice feel to it.

Salsa: La Llave by Grupo Latin Vibe

Salsa: La La La by Direct Latin Influence

Bachata: Vocales de Amor by Joan Soriano

Ania’s pick was a merengue love song, guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Merengue: El Idiota by Eddy Herrera

Like what you see? Let us know, and this might just become a regular blog feature!


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