Private classes – when should you get personal instruction?

As you progress through your classes, you might have heard here and there of instructors offering private classes. This post will explain what those classes entail, as well as when and why you should consider signing up for them.

What are private classes?
Private lessons are classes where you (or you and your partner) are the only student(s), and the instructors will focus all their teaching efforts on you. Typically, private classes are held by both an instructor and an assistant.

Why should I take private classes?
Since you are the only student in the class, you will be given instructions specifically tailored to your needs and skill development. You will be able to ask any questions and receive immediate personalized feedback, and you will find yourself improving by leaps and bounds with just a few classes!

When should I take private classes?
For best results, you should take private classes when you have something specific in mind; whether it’s a technique question, or a set of moves you would like to improve. You let the instructors on what you would like to work on, then the instructors tailor the course to meet your needs.

The best time to take private classes is after you have taken a few group classes, learned a few moves, and have a feel of what you would be looking for. You can also take private classes if you’d like to have more intensive lessons to progress faster, or if you’re working towards a specific goal (such as a wedding dance or a specific choreography).

Other things to consider
While there are definite benefits of taking private classes, these classes can be costly. A typical private class can run between $60 and $120, so if you plan to take a private class, make your time count! Make sure you know what you want to get out of the class to get the best value for your money.

Private classes also limit the number of people you get to dance with. If you bring a partner with you, your partner will likely be the only person you dance with for the entire class. If you are on your own, you will likely be dancing with the instructor or the assistant. This can be beneficial if you are practicing for your wedding dance, but in the world of social dancing limited exposure to different partners may affect how well you lead or follow. Here at Azúcar!, the group dance class is structured to give each student as much exposure to different dancers as possible. We usually recommend that you take a private class every month or so, to reinforce what you learned in our group classes and iron out any kinks in your technique.

With whom should I take private classes?

The best way to do choose your instructors is to attend their classes, observe them social dancing, and approach teachers whose style you admire. Every teacher has their strong suits, so if you’re looking for instruction in a specific area, check out our teacher profiles!

To book a private class with Azúcar! teachers, contact us today!


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