Teacher Poll – What do you look for in a social dance partner?

This week we’re introducing teacher polls, our new Thursday feature. Every week, our teachers will answer a different student question – get to know your teachers better, and hopefully also get your burning question answered! Here are the answers to this week’s question:

Ali – Someone who smiles when they dance. It’s no fun to dance with someone with a negative aura. A positive attitude, having fun while you dance, and good dance etiquette make for lots of good dancing.

Darnell – a good social dance partner should:

  • Have fun while dancing!  Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the dance, focusing on your lead/follow instead of acknowledging your partner and having fun with the dance.
  • Be willing to dance with people of all skill levels.  We all start as beginners, and dancing with more advanced dancers is a great way to improve your own skills.
  • Try not to back-lead (trying to guess what the guy is trying to lead instead of reacting to the actual lead), and know the beat well enough to follow the guy’s timing.  Ideally she should be able to follow her partner’s timing even if it’s off, but bonus points if she can help him correct it!
  • Last but not least, it’s nice when a girl is not afraid to ask a guy to dance.  🙂

Jeff – I have two ideals for a great dance partner. The first is communication; the moment I share with my partner on the dance floor is ours alone, so it is important for me to see that I have her attention. It’s a bit of a disappointment for me to dance with someone who is obviously paying more attention to the floor, or is in another world of her own. The second is a sense of humour. It’s always great to find someone who can share a smile or two and goof off on the floor, and laugh about it later.

Ana – Someone who leads comfortably and has fun dancing. So long as you lead well and make sure you have a good connection with your partner, it doesn’t matter if you only know 5 moves. No one I know keeps count or track of what moves their partner did, but everyone remembers a great (or terrible) lead, and whether they felt they connected with that person.

Do you have a question for our teachers? Leave a comment below or email us at info@azucarottawa.com


2 thoughts on “Teacher Poll – What do you look for in a social dance partner?

  1. I find extremely interesting to hear the opinion of teachers on suttle subject matters like this. I will follow your advice 8) Very good idea, keep it moving!

  2. Fun fact, notice how no one ever said “must know lots of moves”, or “is an advanced dancer”. While those are nice, being a good social dancer is all about a person’s attitude. If you have fun while dancing, not only does it radiates, it can be absolutely infectious!

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