Teacher Profile – Emilie

Emilie Phaneuf is one of our most energetic teachers, and she’s determined to introduce some cool street beats into our salsa groove. She is currently teaching Reggaeton in the Azucar! Studio – stay tuned for more special workshops starting next season! Here’s a little more about her.

Emilie Phaneuf grew up fascinated with dance and music.  At age 13, she taught her first dance class.  She loves to dance whether it’s Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Belly Dance, Burlesque…

Her passions are dancing, choreographing, teaching and performing.  She loves to mix all her styles, marrying the classical and street dances in a unique, exciting way with the grace of classic and the energy of street.  Emilie is also a nationally certified, experienced fitness and yoga teacher.

Emilie has trained, performed and taught in Canada (Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Sault Ste-Marie and Corner Brook), United States (Sandpiper, Florida), Cuba and the Dominican Republic.   She has worked for Club Med Punta Cana as Head Dance Coordinator.  Emilie travels regularly to keep herself up to date on new beats, rhythms and dance moves that she brings back for her students.

Emilie continues furthering her goal of inspiring herself and others through dance and music, taking workshops and classes from internationally renowned dancers, teachers & performers such as: Misty Tripoli – Creator of BodyGROOVE, World Salsa Champions Victor and Katia – Comomango, Sonia and Morris – San Tropez, Edson Vallon – Vuelta Nueva, Ana and Joel – Masacote, and several more.

She is director & creator of Reggaetoneras Dance Troupe and currently teaching dance, yoga & fitness classes.

Emilie is known for her energy and smile.  Her contagious enthusiasm for dance permeated every aspect of her life.  From the way she walks down the street, to the way she views life: it’s a stage, and she will dance as long and hard as she can.

“To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak” – Hopi Indian saying


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