Quick Tip: How to use a suede brush

This week’s Quick Tip looks at how to properly brush your suede soles to get the best results and prolong the life of your shoes:

  1. Before you put on your shoes at the start of the night, check your soles to see if they need to be brushed.
  2. Use the side of the bristles (or of the brush) to scrape any loose dirt and dust off the soles.
  3. Make sure to keep your hands out of the way of the brush. Brush cuts are not fun.
  4. Brush the sole from the toe of the shoe towards the heel. Brushing your shoes in the same direction each time tends to make the nap (fuzzy part of the suede) last longer.
  5. Brush the sole so that you get an even nap across the entire surface. Try to avoid leaving slippery spots, or over-brushing one area.

One thought on “Quick Tip: How to use a suede brush

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