Get to know your teachers – Send us your questions!

If you’ve been reading this blog diligently, you might have got to know 4 of your teachers a little better over the past month. Jeff, Ana, Ali and Darnell have all posted their profiles on here, and there are more to come!

Today we’re taking a short break from that to announce the next feature of our blog, which will be coming soon. It’s called Teacher Polls, and will give you even more opportunities to get to know the salsa-obsessed people who make you count weirdly every week.

How does it work?
Every week, we send our teachers a question; they answer it, from their own perspective and experience, and we collate the answers and put them up here for all of you to enjoy.

Submit a question!
If there’s any burning question on which you’d like our teachers’ opinion, from their favourite type of dance shoes to their most embarrassing moment on stage, leave it in a comment below or email it to us at


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