Azúcar! News – Week of September 24, 2012

Monday is news day on the Azúcar! Blog. Here are your latest school updates and news from around the Ottawa salsa scene.

Our Teachers
This Saturday, three of our crew – Ali, Darnell and Marta – performed at Salsaria, as part of the Salsafanatics choreography troupes. They will also be representing Ottawa at the upcoming Quebec Salsa Festival, so if you’re going, be sure to cheer them on!

Note: many of our teachers are also part of other schools, either as students, teachers or dancers in choreo troupes. At Azúcar!, we believe in creating well-rounded dancers by exploring a variety of styles, so we encourage both our students and our teachers to check out all that the Ottawa salsa scene has to offer. Don’t be surprised if you see us promote other schools and dance troupes that our team is associated with!

The Studio
A few of us spent our Sunday building acoustic baffles – under Darnell’s expert guidance – to reduce the echo in our studio, and we’re happy to report that the acoustic quality of the room is now infinitely better. We look forward to hosting you this week in our now even more welcoming surroundings!

Our second week of classes starts today, so check out our class schedule at

For those in the Old Ottawa South area, our Intro to Salsa class at the Old Firehall starts today at 7pm! It’s not too late to register online.

Studio Socials
Our FREE studio socials are on every Tuesday and Wednesday, 9pm to 10:15pm, so bring your friends and let’s make it a great party!

For this and other salsa socials around Ottawa and Gatineau, check out the Salsa à la carte blog.


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