Classes start this week!

First things first – we want to once again thank everyone who came out and took part in our studio opening festivities. The studio was bright and filled with music all day, out teachers and volunteers did a fantastic job of animating the day and making everything run smoothly, and seeing so many of you excited to participate in our workshops made us all want to work extra-hard to make sure you get the best we have to offer! All in all, we had a great time, and we hope you did as well – the feedback we’ve received was overwhelmingly positive, but we want to keep hearing from you! So comment below or email us at and tell us what you thought of the opening, and what we can work on!

Now that we’re officially open for business, I’m happy to announce that our classes are starting this week! Here is a rundown of what’s going on at Azúcar! this week:


Our Salsa: Novice and Salsa: Intermediate classes are starting! If you’ve been dancing for a while and are already comfortable with the basics, come check them out. No registration required – these classes run on a drop-in basis, so come as you are! All our regular classes are payable via Azúcar! class cards or at the drop-in rate of $17/class. Not sure which level is right for you? Here’s how to tell:

Salsa: Novice (Tuesdays from 6pm to 7pm with Ana & Jeff) is the equivalent of other schools’ “Salsa 2” or “Salsa 3” levels – we assume knowledge of all the basic moves taught in our 14-week Intro to Salsa class, including: basic steps, styling and footwork; leading/following single turns and traveling turns; simple turn patterns such as hammerlocks, cuddles/sweetheart holds, and Titanic; leading/following techniques such as hand drops and hand and shoulder checks. This class is for those with at least 3 months of salsa experience.

In our Salsa: Novice classes we will work on more simple turn patterns, giving you variations on common moves and teaching you how to link them together. We will also focus on shines, styling and footwork.

Salsa: Intermediate (Tuesdays from 7pm to 8pm with Diana & Jongeun)  is the equivalent of other schools’ “Salsa 4” or “Salsa 5” levels – this is the most advanced regular salsa class we offer, and we assume that students in this class have a strong grasp of the basic moves and beyond. Prerequisites for our intermediate class include double spins for women AND men; being able to comfortably lead/follow a wide variety of moves; having a good grasp of styling and shines. We recommend this class for those with at least one year of salsa experience.

In our Salsa: Intermediate classes, you will learn intricate shines, advanced styling, and complex turn patterns. The focus will be on adding flair to your dancing and making you stand out on the dance floor!

Still not sure which class is for you? Come by on Tuesday between 5:30pm and 6:00pm for a free assessment!

This Tuesday, you also have the chance to try out Emilie Phaneuf’s two Special Workshops. Trial classes let you get a taste of what you will learn in these 10-week courses before taking the plunge – trial classes can be paid for with Azúcar! class cards or at the drop-in rate of $17/class.

Come try out one or both of Emilie’s classes this Tuesday:

  • Ladies’ Styling – 6:30pm to 7:30pm, at the Ottawa Arts Court – ODD studio on the second floor.
  • Reggaeton – 8pm to 9pm, at the Azúcar! Studio (111A Rideau Street, 3rd floor, Studio 5)

Note: we need a minimum of 12 participants for all special workshops, so if you are interested, please sign up early to make sure the class is a go. In case of insufficient registrations, we will offer a full refund.

Our free studio socials also start tomorrow, and will continue every Tuesday and Wednesday from 9pm until 10:15pm. You’ll have 75 minutes of great music, and teacher help when you need it. Come for the practice time, or make it a party!


Our Intro to Salsa classes start this Wednesday at 7pm, with Ali & Darnell! If you signed up for either the 7-week or the 14-week Intro to Salsa course, you’ll get an email reminding you of class times. If you haven’t registered yet, it’s not too late! Email us at, or come to the first class and register then! Our Intro to Salsa classes happen on Wednesdays from 7pm to 8pm and Saturdays from 11am to noon. Come to one, the other, or both at no extra charge!

Also on Wednesday, at 8pm, is our second weekly Salsa: Novice class with Ali & Darnell. This class will focus on the same main elements as the Tuesday class, but with different styling and shines!

Our free studio socials continue on Wednesdays nights from 9pm until 10:15pm. Come over for some extra practice, or bring friends and make it a party! And if that’s not enough, head over to Caliente Club to finish off the night!


The second weekly Salsa: Intermediate class is held on Thursdays at 6pm with Emilie & Jeff. Since we’re dealing with complex patterns, coming to both classes will ensure you get the most practice for these intricate moves. Styling and shines will be different as well, so come expand your repertoire!


The second weekly Intro to Salsa class is held on Saturdays from 11am until noon with Ana & Jeff. We will cover the same material as in our Wednesday class, so come get some extra practice!

You can also see our complete schedule at:

Have a question about any of our classes? Leave a comment below or email us at!

 See you in class!


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