What makes Azúcar! special – Our free studio socials make practicing fun!

This is the fourth post in our What makes Azúcar! special series. So far this week, we’ve been introducing you to our various classes: our Intro to Salsa packages which will turn anyone into a dancer, our regular classes and workshops to hone your skills, and our very special workshops to introduce fresh elements into your style. But we know that class time can only go so far, and that, without practice, all those cool moves taught in class will go the way of your first home’s postal code, your old email passwords and, for some of us, long division.

We also know, through years of experience, that practicing alone, at home, in front of a mirror, is probably up there on your list of fun things to do on a weeknight, along with doing dishes, sit-ups and, for some of us, long division. Which is why at Azúcar! we make practicing more fun by offering…

Free Studio Practice Socials

Practicing dance moves at home can be tricky. You need good floors, a full-length mirror, enough space to avoid knocking things off shelves if you lose your balance on a turn (trust me, I know), good moderate-tempo salsa music, and patient family members. We get distracted by household tasks, we trip over pets and children, and some of us ruin our joints trying to practice on carpet (don’t!). We might not always have partners to help us figure out if a lead works, and we don’t have instant access to a teacher to troubleshoot moves that don’t work out.

For all these reasons, we are keeping our studio open every Tuesday and Wednesday from 9pm until 10:15pm, and offering free practice socials to Azúcar! students and friends.

This is not a class!

Our practice socials are not structured classes, and there is no formal instruction. Lights will be dimmed slightly and (slow to mid-tempo) music will be playing for the full 75 minutes. Our teachers will be around to answer questions and dance with you, but they won’t hover over you as you practice. We make sure our music selection is slow enough to let you practice at your own pace without feeling rushed, so take your time and enjoy the company of other dancers, socialize, and make a few new friends!

Everyone is welcome!

Practice nights are not limited to our students, and they are not limited to the moves taught that day. Regardless of whether you’re taking your first salsa steps or whether you are practicing the complex patterns taught in our intermediate classes or special workshops, you are encouraged to come and work on your moves. And if our music isn’t quite doing it for you, or if you have a special song request, let us know, and we’ll make it happen!

Party on!

Our studio is steps away from the Byward Market, and just a few blocks from Club Caliente. They host a Latin night every Wednesday, so once you’ve got your new moves down pat in our free practice session, take to Caliente and show them off!

Bring a partner, bring a friend, but most importantly, bring your dance shoes and have a great time!


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