What makes Azúcar! special – Our regular classes and workshops fit into busy lives

This is the second post in our What makes Azúcar! special series. Yesterday we wrote about our Intro to Salsa classes, which take you from having two left feet to being able to hold your own on the dance floor.

Today, we’re going to go beyond the basics, with our…

Regular Classes and Workshops

Our regular classes include our Salsa: Novice and Salsa: Intermediate classes. These are ongoing courses that do not have “cohorts” – every 2 weeks, a new pattern will be introduced and refined, and all classes are run on a drop-in basis. That means you’re never tied into a time slot, you never have to worry about missing a class, and you’ll always have something new to learn. Our class card system (more on this later) makes it easy to choose what classes you take.

Regular workshops are special-topic 1-hour classes that we hold periodically to address the most common questions and sticking points we encounter in class, as well as popular dance topics in general. They could focus on spin technique, styling tips, good leading/following technique, a specific move, etc.

Classes to fit into busy lives!

Just like our Intro to Salsa classes, our Salsa: Novice and Salsa: Intermediate classes are offered twice a week, with both classes teaching the same pattern every week. You can choose to come to one or both classes, and pick the time slot that works best for you each week. Best of all, with our class card system, you only pay for the classes you attend, so you never have to worry about “missing” a class that you paid for!

Regular workshops on the most popular topics are held often and are driven by demand. We do our best to schedule them at various times throughout the week to ensure that you’ll find a class that fits your schedule. Regular workshops are also payable via class cards and do not require registration, so drop by any time!

Class cards encourage you to keep dancing!

So how do our regular classes work? This, too, was created with busy people in mind. For all regular classes and workshops, you never need to register. You can buy class cards at any time, the same way you would in, say, a yoga studio. You can drop into a class and pay our drop-in rate of $17, or buy 5, 10, 15 or 20 classes, which offer great discounts the more you buy! Once you have your card, just come to class and our teachers will mark off each class. Each slot on the back of the card is good for one regular class/workshop, regardless of level or class content. When you run out of classes, you can buy a new card.

And there are even more benefits! All our class cards are transferable – so you can share one with a friend and both get a discount – and are valid for a full year.

Can’t get enough classes?

For those who were bitten by a radioactive salsa bug and just can’t get enough dance classes, we have something to feed your addition. Our Season Pass is an unlimited class card, for all regular classes and regular workshops. It’s the best deal in town if you plan on taking 2 or more classes per week!

For more details on class descriptions, schedule and pricing, please check out www.azucarottawa.com.

Studio Opening promotions!

Registration for the Azúcar! Studio classes is already open, but our Opening Day will feature special promotions you won’t want to miss. Join us this Saturday, September 15, for a full day of free classes, special giveaways, and great Opening Day deals!


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