What makes Azúcar! special – Our Intro to Salsa classes get you dance floor-ready!

As we’ve been introducing our school around town the past few weeks, one question that’s come up a lot is “why you? What makes your school different from other salsa schools?” And we think that’s a great question.

With our Grand Opening coming up this Saturday, we’ll be spending this week giving you a bit more insight into our school, our way of doing things, and in general, what it is that makes us special and sets us apart from other Latin dance school in the Ottawa area.

We’ve already told you about our fantastic studio, you may have seen our web site and pretty promotional materials, and some of you may have been to our promo classes and seen the way we do things. But when it comes down to it, the quality of a school rests on the quality of its classes and its teachers. We look forward to introducing our amazing team to you, in person on September 15, and on this blog in individual teacher profiles in the coming weeks. But for this week, we will focus on our range of classes, starting with…

Introduction to Salsa

In developing our Intro to Salsa classes, we put a lot of thought into creating a curriculum and a schedule that would provide our students with all the knowledge they’ll need to hit the dance floor running, while giving them maximum flexibility to learn on their terms.

Get dance floor-ready!

To begin with, we structured our Intro to Salsa into a 14-week course containing all the essential salsa moves that will become a solid foundation on which to build a repertoire of more complex moves and styling. At the same time, these elements alone will ensure that you can go out social dancing and not worry about having to worry about whether or not you’ll have enough moves to take you through a whole song.

We strongly believe that this 14-week class is the most complete introduction class offered in our region and we encourage you to make this commitment whenever possible. However, we do realise this may not be an option for everyone, so for your convenience, we are also offering the option of breaking this class down into two (continuous) 7-week halves. This also means we will be able to offer our Intro to Salsa classes more often!

Never miss a class again!

All our classes are designed to fit into busy lives, and our Intro to Salsa is perhaps the best example of this. We don’t believe in “missing” classes, and we don’t believe in tying you to one time slot. Which is why we’ll never offer just one Intro to Salsa class at a time. In our Azúcar! Studio at 111A Rideau Street, we will offer Intro to Salsa classes on Wednesdays (7 to 8pm) and Saturdays (11am to 12pm); each week, we will teach the same material in both classes. When you sign up for a class, you don’t have to commit to one of these time slots – you can choose whichever suits your schedule best each week, or even come to both classes to get some extra practice!

For those who like their dance classes closer to home, we are also offering Intro to Salsa classes through the recreational programs at Dovercourt Recreation Centre on Thursday nights and at Old Ottawa South Community Centre on Monday nights; while these classes are slightly different in length and timing from our Azúcar! Studio classes, they have the same curriculum. To register for one of these classes, please contact the community centres directly.

Studio Opening promotions!

Registration for the Azúcar! Studio classes is already open, but our Opening Day will feature special promotions you won’t want to miss. Join us this Saturday, September 15, for a full day of free classes, special giveaways, and great Opening Day deals!


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