ONE WEEK to our Grand Opening!

I’ve been looking for a dignified and professional way to announce that our opening is one week from today. But in reality, my feelings about this are a mix of “wheeeeee!”, “yippee!”, “holy crap!” and “oh, help, there’s so much to do!”


A week from today, we’ll be opening our doors to you and all our work of the past 5 months will culminate in one amazing Saturday where we’ll do our best to showcase our new studio, our fantastic team of teachers, and the vision we have for Ottawa’s newest Latin dance school.

We look forward to seeing a lot of familiar faces and seasoned dancers.

We look forward to seeing new faces and people just starting their dance journey.

We look forward to offering you a full day of free workshops for all levels and in a variety of dance styles.

We look forward to showcasing the diverse talents of our teachers.

We look forward to giving away some fabulous prizes and to offering you exclusive opening day specials.

We look forward to hearing what you think of the place, the workshops, the teachers and the school, and we look forward to making ourselves better through your feedback.

We look forward to meeting new friends and helping to build the Ottawa Latin dance community that has fuelled our dance addiction all these years.

We look forward to seeing you there on September 15!


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