Message from our Directors

Ana Gherasim and Jeffrey Huang are the Directors of Azúcar! Latin Dance Company. They are starting this school to give the Ottawa salsa community a fresh boost, and to inspire as many people as possible to participate in the joy of Latin dancing.

AnaAna – From the time when Azúcar! Latin Dance Company was just an idea in Jeff’s head, and through all the stages of its development so far, it has been a labour of love: the love of dance, of course, but also the love of teaching and sharing the joy and fun of Latin dances with our students. We strive to deliver only the best instruction and to ensure that everyone who walks into our studio develops their own dance style in a fun, friendly, safe and non-judgemental environment.

From my own less than stellar beginnings as a dancer, I learned the importance of good, patient, kind and understanding instructors, and I am proud to say that we have a fantastic team of dancers and teachers who share our passion for dance and surpass us in talent, skill and grace. With their help, out project of starting a dance school is quickly becoming reality and I know every student will be in good hands.

As we get ready to open our doors to you for our Studio Opening, it is my pleasure to officially welcome you to the Azúcar! Latin Dance Company. I hope you love it here as much as we do!


Jeff – As I am writing this, Azúcar! Latin Dance Company is just about to open its doors to Ottawa; the class schedules are finalized, the workshops are arranged, the dance floors are polished, and we are all freaking out.

Why? Because for those who’ve known us, we have been your friends, your dance partners, your Phó buddies, your ride home after a long night, and possibly even your teachers. Now, we will try to play an even bigger part in the Ottawa salsa community, and hopefully give back to a world that has been so wonderful to us for so long.

The ideology behind the school is simple: to bring innovation and creativity to the current dancers of Ottawa, to introduce new dancers to our fold, and most importantly, to show that everybody, no matter how many left feet they have, can dance and have fun. Honest!

Azúcar! Latin Dance Company, to me, is my love song to dancers; to those just figuring out how to do the basics without tripping over, to those practicing in front of a mirror night after night, to those blaring salsa music wherever they go, and to those feeling the euphoria after a great night of dancing.

We have all been there, and for those looking into dancing, as well as all the dancers already out there,

See you on the dance floor.


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